large acsisters orans logoWe, the Association of Contemplative Sisters, exist to foster and support the contemplative journey of our members.

ACS Mission Statement

The Lay Contemplative celebrates and explores the emerging vision of an embodiment of a spirituality of God radically manifest in the midst of everyday, secular life.


In the words of Mary Frohlich: Lay contemplatives are Christians who experience a call to give concerted attention to the contemplative dimension in a framework of openness to the world and active engagement in its transformation.

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Cloister of the Heart explores the history and meaning of ACS--the importance of community for the contemplative life.

In the words of Mary Frohlich: The context for contemplative life is community. For a lay person, that means she needs to find a nourishing community of support.

And she says: A gauge of the authenticity of one’s contemplative experience is the degree to which it leads one more deeply into commitment to building up the community in love.

The authors, Ann Denham and Gert Wilkinson, tell us:
In forming ACS, canonical contemplatives have created a new kind of cloister, where women can come together to share, to support and to be energized and strengthened by one another’s journeys.

To read Cloister of the Heart, a book published by the Association of Contemplative Sisters, click here.  Help support us and get a worthwhile book by following this link.