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"The contemplative life is that radical and risky opening of self to be changed by, and in some way into, God’s own self.  It is a formative life; it changes us and our perceptions.  It causes us to see beyond our present seeing.  Thus it is a life of letting go and allowing a reality beyond our own to shape us, a life of continual dying, of being stripped over and over again of the comfortable and familiar.  From another perspective, it is a life of emerging spaciousness; of being made wide and broad and empty enough to hold the vast and magnificent and excruciating  paradoxes of created life in the crucible of love"

 -Dr. Wendy M. Wright 


The Association of Contemplative Sisters is a community of women, diverse in culture, religious tradition, and country of origin, yet united by the call to a contemplative response to the Spirit. The Association exists to foster and support the contemplative journey of its members.