About Us

"For the past eighteen years, ACS has been an integral part of my large acsisters orans logospiritual life and, as I pass through each stage, it is there to support, listen and encourage me. Each year, this sisterhood means more to me...I am constantly challenged to see things through the eyes of a contemplative...As I live my life in my mountain home outside of Los Angeles, ACS is always there..."

Fran Burras in Cloister of the Heart

We, the Association of Contemplative Sisters, exist to foster and support the contemplative journey of our members. Rooted in the Christian contemplative tradition and inspired by the courage and prophetic vision of the women who formed the Association, we live in a diversity of ways a life of prayer. We affirm the contemplative dimension of all women and men and support its development.

Through our faithfulness to the movement of the Spirit within and through action congruent with each one’s call, we are a contemplative presence in our broken yet redeemed world, cooperating in the healing and transforming mission of Jesus Christ.


Membership in ACS is open to all women who value and follow the contemplative path and support the mission of ACS.

ACS Mission Statement

The ACS logo is the Orans figure, an ancient, even pre-Christian, gesture of prayer. Arms are raised in praise and intercession, beseeching the Divine Compassion to attend to the cry of our ever-birthing world.